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Re: multiple themes for wheezy?

The standardization of the structure themes packages of subjects
improves support the customization of the environment.

The 'pure blends' or 'Debian-derived' would have more choices of
themes, as well as Debian.

Being easy to be customized, it would be more attractive to a Debian.

In agreement itself, there are many distributions based on Debian.

Providing opportunities for more people or companies use Debian as the
base structure and only modify the theme (design).

During the installation of Wheezy could choose my type of environment:
Desktop, Work, or for children.  (This is similar to what has been
done in PureBlends Debian-BR-CDD by Otavio Salvador.)

CC: to TiagoVaz and OtavioSalvador.

2010/12/9 Sune Vuorela <nospam@vuorela.dk>:
> What's the gain?
> /Sune

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