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multiple themes for wheezy?

Hi all,

One of the recent messages on this list made me think again about
having multiple themes. I propose for wheezy:

desktop-base rename to/depend on debian-theme
debian-theme depend on debian-theme-wheezy
debian-theme-wheezy depend on theme-spacefun (or whatever the winner is)
theme-spacefun recommend grub2-theme-spacefun, gdm3-theme-spacefun,
plymouth-theme-spacefun, gnome3-theme-spacefun, gtk3-engine-blah
theme-lispmachine recommend grub2-theme-lispmachine,
gdm3-theme-lispmachine, plymouth-theme-lispmachine,
gnome3-theme-lispmachine, gtk3-engine-lispmachine

(package names not set in stone, we should look at how Ubuntu,
OpenSUSE, Fedora etc do it).

And each theme would be uploaded to the archive as soon as possible
and updated like any other normal package would. We would send patches
upstream to any software that we think needs branding so that users
can easily add/remove branding by adding or removing packages.



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