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Re: Update theme SpaceFun and wiki page

I suggest Valessio changes the font to paths in inkscape for the svgs in the deb.
So everybody sees the image like it was intended by the author.

Only the source file in the folder /desktop-base-6.0.2/source/spacefun/ of the source package should keep the text changeable.

If he has got no time, I could do that this evening.

I also updated my bugfix


to reflect Valessios changes.

On Wed, 08 Dec 2010 11:41:52 +0100, Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac@debian.org> wrote:
On mar., 2010-12-07 at 23:04 -0300, Valessio Brito wrote:
Hi all,
I updated the theme to meet Debian policy.

Now the theme SpaceFun use font 'Andrika Basic' in word 'debian' with
swril color red and outline color white.

I guess this will cause issues for svg images when people don't have the

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