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Status update for debian-desktop

Hey people,

here is a status update for debian-desktop team. First, I'd like to
thank each and every one participating in the theme selection. Artists
indeed, but people commenting on the themes, proposing modifications
etc. too.

== Squeeze artwork

Following the theme selection, I updated the desktop-base package. The
package appeared in unstable yesterday and will migrate to testing
following some testing and release team approval.

Some of the artwork is not yet included in desktop-base. The following
packages have been or will be updated to embed the SpaceFun theme, and
will need the release approval:

- gdm (already uploaded): that was the case with Lenny artwork and as
the package is supposed to be replaced by gdm3, we feel no need to
modify the package itself to pick the artwork for desktop-base
- slim (#603256): the artwork was embedded in slim for Lenny and it was
too late in the release process to tune it to pick it from desktop-base
- {iso,sys,ext}linux (#603552), plymouth (#603551) isolinux  for
debian-cd(#603554), syslinux for live-build (#598101): those package
didn't include debian-desktop branding for Lenny, so once again it was
too late in the release process to change the way theme are handled.

I might miss some other packages too. Those packages need some testing
and RT approval for a freeze exception too.

== Wheezy plans

As noted before, we were really late on artwork design and selection for
Squeeze, like we were for Etch and Lenny.

For Wheezy, it'd be nice if we could prevent this, so the basic plan
would be to have a theme submission process really early in the release
process, with a deadline like 6 months after Squeeze release, followed
by a selection process for a month or so, then followed by the package
upload. That way, we would be able to prevent bothering release team at
freeze time, though that would mean preventing the “surprise” about
Wheezy theme.

Early in the release process we would tune the various packages so they
can pick the default theme from the desktop-base files and not embed it.
That needs a little bit of tweaking, since the desktop-base package is
not considered mandatory, and so everything should still work fine
without it.

I'd like to update desktop-base packaging too, which is a bit old and
not really easy to work with. It has been proposed to make multiple
packages, one per theme, and make desktop-base depend on the selected
artwork. That might be a good idea, though that means some huge tuning
on the packaging too, and we need to keep things simple.

== “Bits from the debian-desktop”

I'd like to send to d-d-a a “bits from the debian-desktop team”, giving
some info about the team, summarizing what's above, sending a call for
help etc. I'll send a draft to debian-desktop asking for comments.

Feel free to comment on any of this and on the desktop-base upload.

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