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Re: Blue wallpaper / Theme "Lisp machine"

Simply WOW my friend, haven't seen such a great wallpaper since some time. Personally (eh.) I prefer this version over others:
a) it perfectly fits clearlooks;
b) it's not distracting, not too neutral, thus suitable for any environment;
c) it distinguishes itself from desktop icons, so their labels are visible (see debian-ciel for. ex, it's too low contrast, I can't read on it);
d) The Swirl.. It's fantastic!


2010/11/6 Ulrich Hansen <uhansen@mainz-online.de>
I have created a new blue wallpaper that should work fine with Clearlooks, as Roman Khomasuridze and Valessio Brito kindly suggested.

Please take another look at:

@Paul Wise:
I have put a swirl into the center of the blue lisp machine artwork. It's a bit too tiny to really hide it into the wires. But thanks anyway for the idea!

thanks, regards

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