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Re: Theme Proposal for Squeeze "Lisp Machine"

I liked the wallpapers very much, especially the CD labels. Also, completely off topic, I knew the name sounded familiar. :)

On 1 November 2010 22:11, Roman Khomasuridze <khomasuridze@gmail.com> wrote:
Great work and idea, though not sure if it's good for wallpaper, at first sight it's nice, but after working with this wallpaper for 6-7 hours, I've got tired, it is quite heavy for eyes, but CD looks great!  

I'll suggest Alternative2, Alternative5 and alternative6, the look more easy on eyes and by colors, they nicely match the line of default Debian wallpapers.


2010/11/2 Ulrich Hansen <uhansen@mainz-online.de>


A few days ago I submitted the proposal "Lisp machine" for the Squeeze Artwork Contest. See:

I had the idea for the artwork when I started working on a new set of Debian CD/DVD labels and covers which I contribute to the project since 2007. See <http://ulrich-hansen.de/debian>.

The picture of the historic Lisp Machine makes a nice background for the new Squeeze CD labels. So I thought it could also be great as desktop wallpaper and background element (bootsplash, installer etc.) for Squeeze itself.

At the moment I concentrate on creating the CD artwork. I would be happy to receive some feedback.

thanks a lot, regards
Ulrich Hansen

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