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Re: Theme Proposal for Squeeze "Lisp Machine"

Great work and idea, though not sure if it's good for wallpaper, at first sight it's nice, but after working with this wallpaper for 6-7 hours, I've got tired, it is quite heavy for eyes, but CD looks great! �

I'll suggest Alternative2, Alternative5 and alternative6, the look more easy on eyes and by�colors, they�nicely�match the line of default�Debian�wallpapers.


2010/11/2 Ulrich Hansen <uhansen@mainz-online.de>

A few days ago I submitted the proposal "Lisp machine" for the Squeeze Artwork Contest. See:

I had the idea for the artwork when I started working on a new set of Debian CD/DVD labels and covers which I contribute to the project since 2007. See <http://ulrich-hansen.de/debian>.

The picture of the historic Lisp Machine makes a nice background for the new Squeeze CD labels. So I thought it could also be great as desktop wallpaper and background element (bootsplash, installer etc.) for Squeeze itself.

At the moment I concentrate on creating the CD artwork. I would be happy to receive some feedback.

thanks a lot, regards
Ulrich Hansen

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