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Re: Debian Ciel -- A Theme Proposal for Squeeze

On sam., 2010-09-18 at 10:35 +0530, Abhishek Dasgupta wrote:
> Then these theme proposals have to be packaged,
> either:
>  - in the main Debian archive, if artwork freeze-exceptions are
> allowed.

For etch and lenny, freeze exceptions were granted (it's a bit like
documentation fixes). I hope it'll be the same. The exception was d-i
theming for which it was too late at that time (and I guess it might be
the same).

>  - in an extra repository.

I don't think it's a good idea.
> Afterwards, a default theme has to be selected somehow, but at least
> installing these nice themes should be an apt-get away. 

I'm not sure it's really needed for now to make debian packages of them
right now, we can currently test them and check how well they fit in
various environments without doing that. Then we'll make sure to
integrate them in debian-desktop when needed.

(that beeing said, if some people want to start packaging them, they
should do it :)

I'm not sure all of the themes on the wiki page qualify for inclusion to
the svn yet, so maybe we should wait a bit more for people to finish
them (some of them still have “unfinished” and “todo” stuff on the wiki
page) and ask for a “final” review here, before including the themes in
debian-desktop and voting (or something) for the default one.


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