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Re: Debian Ciel -- A Theme Proposal for Squeeze

Amir Dizdarević wrote:
>    Greetings,
>    I present you "Debian Ciel", my theme proposal for Squeeze.
>    It is far from being ready or standard compliant, so feel free to
>    pinch in. Basically, most of the work done is only artwork.
>    I have little experience with making splash themes, gsplashes,
>    etc. Here is a vague todo list:

Nice theme! Though a bit lacking in color. I think the
splash looks better without the version number (in fact, just the logo
would be quite minimalistic and nice). Also, I would not bother too much
about the splash; GNOME already does not show the splash screen by

Then these theme proposals have to be packaged,
 - in the main Debian archive, if artwork freeze-exceptions are allowed.
 - in an extra repository.

Afterwards, a default theme has to be selected somehow, but at least
installing these nice themes should be an apt-get away.


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