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Re: Debian 5 Very slow internet browsing

Le mardi 01 juin 2010, leroy beckford a écrit :
> Hello to All, I am a Linux novice!
> I have just installed current stable Debian 5 and it looks great. However,
>  getting on the internet seems to takes forever, why would this be? My
>  computer is configured to dual boot MS Windows XP. When I boot into
>  windows and connect to the internet using Firefox or Explorer, there is no
>  problem. I had Debian 4 previously in dual boot configuration, there was
>  no problems browsing the internet. I then reformat partition and do a
>  clean Debian 5 install, now experiencing very slow internet browsing!
> I would appreciate any assistance in this regard, thank you.
> Leroy Beckford
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I've got a similar problem with ipv6 modules.
I have deactivated them now all is back to normal.
Full speed at university (>5Mo/s with apt)

I hope it could help

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