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xmodmap not working correctly with startx


I am trying to map Escape key to Caps Lock, so it helps in vim editor.
For that, I have .xmodmap with following content:
remove Lock = Caps_Lock
keysym Caps_Lock = Escape

Now, if I call "xmodmap ~/.xmodmap" after starting Xsession (i.e.,
after starting fvwm, opening xterm and typing in it), then i am able
to map Esacpe to Caps Lock key.
But if I call "xmodmap ~/.xmodmap" in my .xinitrc, before starting my
session (fvwm&), then pressing Caps Lock results in both Caps Lock and
Escape working simultaneously... my type in block letters, and I am
unable to type before pressing "i" again.

Any idea why is that?


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