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wording of debian-desktop.org

[For who does not know what I am talking about, it is about the website:
that points to http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-desktop/  ]

Hi Martin and all,

I do not have any problem at all with you offering KDE packages. You
are totally free to do so, and I am sure your work is highly appreciated for a
lot of users. But I have problems with the whole debian-desktop official
project thing. AFAIK, Debian desktop subproject is to work on the integration of
the various desktop-related packages, bug reports, questions and patches 
*inside* Debian.
You are providing packages named as the "official" ones of the "Official
DebianDesktop project" and those packages should be the packages in the archive
for any desktop.
Debian-Desktop is about making better the desktop experience in Debian not
having official packages outside the archive.

To the list: What is debian-desktop subproject supposed to be currently?

In any case a small request: could you put clearly in debian-desktop.org that 
your KDE packages are unofficial and not necesarily upgrade compatible with 
the archive ones? 

Again, I have not problems with you offering the packages, just with the whole
"official" thing that is confusing...


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