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Re: garmin mounts as ttyUSB0

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 6:57 AM, machiner <machiner@debiantutorials.org> wrote:

> I have read a few pages but they tell how to extract data from the Garmin.  I'm only
> interested in updating the thing.

As a customer of Garmin, you should ask them to publically document
the update protocol so that Linux folks can reimplement their Windows
updater. You should also suggest that they offer the firmware files
separately to the Windows updater so that it is possible for Mac/Linux
users to do updates.

> I did what's instructed on this page:
> http://geekosphere.org/885/garmin-gpsmap-60csx-under-linux-debian/
> to no avail.

That doesn't look helpful.

I would guess you need to blacklist the garmin_gps module and or
disable the udev rule that gives you a tty device, reboot and then run
their Windows updater under Wine/CrossOver.



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