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Linux Libertine font name

Hi everyone,

after upgrade to latest Linux Libertine font package I've noticed change
of font name - IIRC it used to be "Linux Libertine", but now I can see
"Linux Libertine O" and "Linux Libertine O C".

It looks a bit like typo (isolated upper case letters in font name), but
more serious problem is that this change breaks existing documents -
e.g. OpenOffice.org is rather confused as it expects "Linux Libertine"
font name which can't be found, so OOo displays some ugly and quite
different replacement font.

Should I file a bug against ttf-linux-libertine? (It looks like rather
serious incompatibility issue.)

I've querried package maintainer, but maybe someone here can shed more
light on this issue, too.

Vit Kotrla

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