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Re: Debian GNU/Linux 5.0

Your BASIC system was installed, as you are able to login.
It seems that during the final stages of installation, you forgot to mark
"desktop" at the (tasksel) menu [0].
But do not worry, it is still time to proceed with the installation
without restarting from scratch.
You may either:
First, aptitude update your repositories info as root, always before
installing some package.

A- install tasksel package if needed, run it as root, 
then mark "desktop" option and wait the
installation finish and then a reboot for end-to-end testing.

B- install gnome-desktop-environment or kde metapackages (or other GUI
that will push all respective dependencies.

I guess that the "A" procedure is the safe option for you.

After, you may want to enable other sections of repositories (main,
contrib, non-free)
as well as volatile repository, and other famous repos like the
But FIRST, read the documentation about WHAT they contain and WHY would you
want to enable them in order to decide yourself.
Choice is yours.

Do not forget to check for security updates every day (aptitude update,
aptitude upgrade
or using synaptic or using update-notifier).

Andre Felipe Machado
PS: debian-user lists [2] may give you faster support answers, 
as this desktop list is mainly for development.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/users.html

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