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[VAC] desktop-base status and TODO


I'll be in Ireland for 2 weeks and couldn't work on desktop-base until I'm 


the package is in good shape in svn repository.

Since 5.0.0 upload, the following changes were done:
  * Relabel background as “Lenny” in GNOME properties. (Closes: #495613)
  * Merge wallpapers and backgrounds directories.
  * Remove deprecated splash and wallpapers:
    - debblue-1600x1200.png
    - bluedeb-1024x768.jpg
    - Debian.jpg
    - debian-background.svg
    - Splash-debblue.png
    - Splash-Debian.png
    - Splash-Debian_red.png
  * Add MoreBlue Orbit grub and splash sources.
  * Add MoreBlue Orbit widescreen.
  * Add Nightly sources.
  * Add MoreBlue Orbit Splashy theme. (Closes: #495618)
  * Add MoreBlue Orbit USplash theme.
  * Add Nightly GNOME and KDM splash. Thanks to Robert Jahene.

The remaining work to do is related to Usplash theme.
It introduces usplash-theme-debian-desktop package and will need to go through 
NEW queue. At least, basic infrastructure to build usplash theme was added to 
desktop-base but the current USplash theme is unfinished as it needs a proper 
progress bar.


- Upload desktop-base 5.0.1 with usplash-theme-debian-desktop included if 
someone step up to finish the theme or without usplash-theme-debian-desktop 
by disabling the package in debian/control.
- Bug GNOME people for including GDM MoreBlue Orbit theme.
- Ask for a freeze exception request.

See you in 2 weeks.



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