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Re: Nightly Artwork stuff


> If a new "graphic designer" person wanted to create next great full
> theme for  "debian" where would he/she download all its parts as a
> base start, and what are they?
> 1. gnome splash; url of current default?
> 2. ksplash; url? what is the default engines name?

ksplash default engine name is "default". Moodin is another popular engine but 
not provided by KDE so not installed on a standard installation.

> 3. backgroungs,wallpaper; urls?
> 4. what else ?
> Unless there is one big gz file which has all these on one place that
> I could download.

You can found the materials for Nightly artwork (and some others) on 

you can checkout as anonymous.

For artwork used in desktop-base package, you can found them on our 



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