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Re: /u/s/mime-info directory

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 07:26:15PM +0200, Fathi Boudra wrote:
>> Is the complete /u/s/mime-info directory obsolete, or is there still a
>> point in installing .mime and/or .keys files there?

> The directory isn't obsolete. There's 53 packages that use it.

Do you mean 53 packages that place information there or 53 packages
that *use* the information there?

By googling around, all I could find about /u/s/mime-info is that
GNOME versions before 2.8 used the .mime files there, but since 2.8
does not anymore, in favour of the freedesktop.org system (in
/usr/share/mime/). So it seemed plausible to me that .key files were
not used anymore either, nor by GNOME, neither by other things.

> We have the Debian MIME support sub-policy [1].

Yes, but all it tells me is that I have to call update-mime, and its
manpage mentions only /usr/lib/mime/packages.

> See also mime-support package, referenced in dh_installmime
> debhelper script.

$ ls /usr/share/doc/mime-support/
changelog.Debian.gz  copyright

and its various manpages mention only /usr/lib/mime/packages, not

> By the way, I guess some DE supports freedesktop shared MIME info
> specification [2]. See shared-mime-info package. It uses
> /usr/share/mime directory.

So, again, nothing to do with /usr/share/mime-info/; what is that
directory good for?


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