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Problems with Debian and the Desktop and how they can be solved

I've a big interest in the Debian Desktop subproject. Debian is the only 
distribution that I rely on and it is the only distribution that I know and 
want to use as a server, workstation and desktop.

I myself am enjoying Debian's KDE very much ever since etch was released; it 
was when I was exposed to Free Software, Debian and migrated from Windows XP.

I have an idea of providing "personal computer management service"; this means 
to me being a computer technitian for the private sector using Debian. There 
is good market for this in my geographic location and I enjoy giving this 
service to my friends, who like having KDE as their desktop. So I am thinking 
about making it professional.

I'm contacting you because I am experiencing difficulties in using Debian as a 
desktop. There are bugs which I've encountered which are very bad for desktop 
users. While I can try make a list of them, I think that this goes deeper; 
into the core of the Debian policy... or something.

The problem I've encountered is that bugs that are very, very bad for desktop 
users are classified as such that they are not important enough to be fixed 
in the current stable release. This issue alone makes Debian GNU/Linux 
unsuitable for use as a Desktop. Am I right about this issue?

I can devote some of my time to the tenets of the Debian on the Desktop team.
Shachar Or | שחר אור

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