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Bug#459352: please provide 640x480 TGA version of debian-blueish-wallpaper.svg for GRUB

> Ok, either is fine with me. Although I still think it could be a good idea
> to save the bandwidth or CD space.

i saved bandwidth and CD space:
* Using your method rsvg+convert produce an 1.2 Mb TGA file.
* Using rsvg+gimp give me a 340 kb file.

btw, rsvg is used only on gnome-centric desktops.
on KDE desktops, we don't use it so often.

> I made a mistake.  Instead of "2> /dev/null", I wanted to say "> /dev/null".
> Also, if you provide the file in the package, I don't think you'll want the
> "rm -f /..../...tga" in prerm.




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