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Bug#361328: Wallpaper inclusion to Debian Desktop base

On 8/27/07, Matthew McGuire <gray@shadowglade.net> wrote:
> Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
> > Hello Debian-Desktop Maintainer,
> > Here is a wallpaper that seem to be more modern then what we currently
> > ship Debian with.
> >
> > I would like to propose it to be included in the next upcoming version
> > 40r1 of Debian.
> > Here is a quick look at it.
> > http://lucasmanual.com/debian/DebianAqua.png
> >
> > The file was added to gnome-look.org and I am just hosting it. I cc
> > the original designer.  It is GPL.
> > The original post is here:
> > http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Debian+Aqua?content=17496&PHPSESSID=0b90d248ed4d8521af3773390194bf19
> >
> > The source file is here:
> > http://lucasmanual.com/debian/DebianAqua.tar.bz2
> >
> > I can provide you with any resolution you would like...
> >
> > Let me know what you think.
> > Lucas
> >
> >
> >
> It is a nice picture (make a decent wall hanging actually), but it is a
> bit too loud.

It doesn't seem to loud to me.

The current image was selected for a professional but
> subdued look. A sort of just off the picture/out of focus presence, a
> man behind the curtain so to speak. Ok, that's taking it too far. :-)
> But really, one of the best things about the current desktop image is it
> doesn't visually 'get in the way' as it were. I can go from screen to
> screen move windows freely and the background never pops out at me or
> distracts my eyes. I was delighted when I read about how many people at
> the last debconf were using the default background on someone's blog
> (sorry, I don't remember who.) So I would hope that says many people are
> fairly comfortable with it.

Stats from gnome-look.org
Debian Aqua
Type:  GNOME Wallpaper 1280x1024
Downloads:  18803

18000 downloads so I think at least 5,000 people feel comfortable with it.

My logs show:
16 	135 	0.21% 	239473 	26.73% 	0 	0.00% 	0 	0.00% 	/debian/DebianAqua.tar.bz2

> Curious though, why do you think the current one is less modern?
Basically if you take a look at operating system around you will
notice that most of them are going 3D. Said that, starting from  MAC ,
Vista, SUSE.

When I look at the current default I see semi-ok colors, no 3D
effects. The desktop I sent you has a little more vivid colors, and
nice 3D.  The default wallpaper looks really plain and gray. Would be
nice to see more contrast that is eye friendly as well as some neat
3D. Not necessary too distractive.  There is this stereotype that
Debian is always a little behind current version of software. I don't
think that is the case but looking at the default desktop wallpaper it
kind of look like is 3 years behind current wallpapers/modern
wallpapers. Assuming that this release will last for at least a year I
think it would be good time to make it look more modern. Not to
mention current computers are/will be 2gb RAM standard so having nice
3D wallpapers makes it even more powerful.

Let's see some examples.
SUSE: nicer colors...3D effect

not sure if this is default but I think it comes as option. Very good for eye.



Some examples that are nice but don't meet quality needs.
To bringh but good contrast:
nice simple 3D but too gray

Let me know what's your take on that?

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