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Bug#361328: Wallpaper inclusion to Debian Desktop base

Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
> Hello Debian-Desktop Maintainer,
> Here is a wallpaper that seem to be more modern then what we currently
> ship Debian with.
> I would like to propose it to be included in the next upcoming version
> 40r1 of Debian.
> Here is a quick look at it.
> http://lucasmanual.com/debian/DebianAqua.png
> The file was added to gnome-look.org and I am just hosting it. I cc
> the original designer.  It is GPL.
> The original post is here:
> http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Debian+Aqua?content=17496&PHPSESSID=0b90d248ed4d8521af3773390194bf19
> The source file is here:
> http://lucasmanual.com/debian/DebianAqua.tar.bz2
> I can provide you with any resolution you would like...
> Let me know what you think.
> Lucas

It is a nice picture (make a decent wall hanging actually), but it is a
bit too loud. The current image was selected for a professional but
subdued look. A sort of just off the picture/out of focus presence, a
man behind the curtain so to speak. Ok, that's taking it too far. :-)

But really, one of the best things about the current desktop image is it
doesn't visually 'get in the way' as it were. I can go from screen to
screen move windows freely and the background never pops out at me or
distracts my eyes. I was delighted when I read about how many people at
the last debconf were using the default background on someone's blog
(sorry, I don't remember who.) So I would hope that says many people are
fairly comfortable with it.

Curious though, why do you think the current one is less modern?



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