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Re: xfce4-mixer

On 7/24/07, Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac@corsac.net> wrote:
> On lun, 2007-07-23 at 19:40 -0400, Darren Bowen wrote:
> > But i have
> > created a new user account on the same notebook for my sun. My suns
> > xfce4 desktop mixer and panel volume does work. You can put the volume
> > control in the panel, but in the properties dialog under
> > devices it  only  shows  default device.  It  does  not  show  my
> > driver.
> > The  mixer  is  the same. I now the sound works because it works when
> > in logged in under the account i created when i did the install.
> Try to add your son to audio group. Does it fix the problem?

Hi Yves-Alexis,

How are you doing?

Just for the record, with GNOME you can go to
System->Administration->User and Groups and add user in those groups
in a easy way. It doesn't exhibit a list of groups or let users figure
out the group by themselves, but they show roles instead (eg: audio is
"Use audio devices").

Under the hood there's users-admin part of gnome-system-tools. It
seems that g-s-t is too much for Xfce so is there something that does
the same? If yes, could you write here a step by step like I did
above, please? We lack this kind of documentation (wiki.d.o is open to
receive such stuff) about Debian Desktop usage. Same deal for KDE,
anyone ?

thanks in advance,
-- stratus
get debian @ http://get.debian.net/

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