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GNOME App Install

Dear desktopers,

Julian Andres Klode, the ITP holder of gnome-app-install, wants to get
gnome-app-install into Debian soon, since apt 0.7 finally landed in

But there are still some open question that are worth a discussion. On
of the main concepts of g-a-i is to make enabling additional and third
party repositories as easy as possible. But do we want this in Debian?

Furthermore g-a-i allows to filter the list of shown packages. Ubuntu
uses the following filters: all applications, Open Source applications
(main + universe), supported applications (main + commercial), third
party applications (commercial) and installed applications. I added the
capability to gnome-app-install to show different filters for the
corresponding distribution.

The application data will be separated into three packages:
app-install-data-debian-main, app-install-data-debian-contrib and

1. The Ubuntu way: Shipping the data for all applications of main,
contrib and non-free by default, excluding the icons, using filters to
select the level of freedom and defaulting to only show applications of
main. The filters could be the following:

all applications (main, contrib, non-free), only Free Debian
applications (main), only installed applications

(we don't need to promote third party applications and we do not support
non-free applications)

2. The 'unfriendly' way: we could ship different app-data packages for
each component (main + contrib + non-free) and only the main package by
default and just use two filters:

all applications, installed applications

So we would not make any use of the enabling of additional components,
by default but would not promote non-free software too. The user would
have to install app-data-debian-contrib or app-data-debian-non-free to
install the corresponding applications.

We use emblems and text messages in the application description to mark
packages that are non-free or part of Debian in both cases.

Finally there is still one open dependency: sexy-python. Since the ITP
holder does not respond to mails it would be nice if anybody else could
upload it.



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