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qt on GNOME and gtk+ on KDE deuglyfication.

Hi list,

I think we should treat as a priority for lenny at least a better look
and feel (by default) for qt apps on GNOME and gtk+ apps running on

I'm testing reportbug-ng (pyqt3) on my GNOME (Etch) environment and it
doesn't look good. It was almost useless due to the ugly presentation
but I did some tweaks and it's still missing some bits, see:

* bzr branch http://bzr.debian.org/bzr/reportbug-ng
* aptitude install pyqt-tools kde-style-klearlook qt3-qtconfig
* cd reportbug-ng
* make
* ./reportbug-ng

wow, scary, no?

* qtconfig

It doesn't really matter what default GUI style you pick, the font
matters a lot. We might use the same family as in GNOME, IMHO. I'm
unable to make the grey in qt apps looks the same as in gtk+ apps. Is
this a color palette issue? If yes, qt3-qtconfig (and maybe
qt4-qtconfig) are broken. Let's go fix their defaults and send patches
for the maintainers. Thoughts? :)

I think the side effect of this fix is that Xfce will also benefit.
Could somebody using KDE and GTK+ apps inform us about gtk-qt-engine

The best scenario for us is simple list qt3-qtconfig, qt4-qtconfig and
maybe kde-style-klearlook into buth gnome-desktop and xfce-desktop
tasks and gtk-qt-engine into kde-desktop task and it just works.

Feedback is appreciated.

thanks in advance,
-- stratus

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