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Re: DebianArtwork portal

On 4/23/07, André Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira <andrelrf@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi !

I'm designing the DebianArtwork portal and need ideas for content. The idea
is use for contest, creating an archive of user contributed artwork that can
be freely used. It will be used by Debian Developers for select the artwork
for his applications.

Initially the categories are:
- Wallpapers
- Splash Screens
- Window Decorations
- Applications Themes
- Colors schemes
- Debian Installer
 - Icon Themes
- Usplash
- Splashy
- isolinux
- Systems sounds
- Fonts
- Screenshots

What about these?
Some ideas?

Good idea. There is one more thing, I would like to suggest. Make a
category where graphic artists can have the opportunity to display
their own sets, like wallpaper, splash, login box, usplash rather than
just making individual categories for creating bulk stuff. This way
the style, quality, consistency and other visual parameters of the
artworks could be better assessed. This would make it easer to choose
particular packages rather than pick bits and pieces from here and
there and match them up later that might result in undesirable



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