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Re: Requirements for Desktop-Tasks

On 4/4/07, Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:
Hello *,

But for now, what are the reauirements if I want to create a task
called "fvwm-desktop" in addition to "desktop" (twm), gnome-desktop,
kde-desktop and xfce-desktop?

[ Wearing my tasksel co-maintainer hat here ]

Hi Michelle,

If you want to keep the tasks in house, I recommend you fork the
tasksel source package keeping in mind that you will have just a
different tasksel-data binary. The process is easy once you checkout
tasksel from our svn (svn.d.o), but I can help you if you need some

In the past there was just desktop (you can call this twm-desktop also
but there's no real alias), gnome-desktop and kde-desktop related
tasks, but kde-desktop was mostly unmaintained. With the rest of
desktop-base group I put the desktop tasks in shape for Etch release
adding also xfce-desktop. I don't think that add yet another
lightweight wm task is worth for us and our users, we've a lot to do
for Lenny in terms of consistent menus for example than keep adding wm
related tasks.

Don't get me wrong and feel free to open a wishlist bug against
tasksel, at the same time I don't think it worth the maintenance cost,
it won't hurt anybody. I really disagree with a yet another first CD
ISO for Lenny containing fvwm as default though (we already have three
for the major WMs), keep that in mind. :-)

-- stratus

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