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Re: desktop-base 4.0.0 MIGRATED to testing

On 1/20/07, Matthew McGuire <gray@shadowglade.net> wrote:
Debian testing watch wrote:
> FYI: The status of the desktop-base source package
> in Debian's testing distribution has changed.
>   Previous version: 0.3.20
>   Current version:  4.0.0


I thought we reported this a couple months back, and that it was to be
resolved... but now that Desktop Base has migrated I decided to see if
it was still a problem.

A screen shot from before upgrade:

A screen shot from after upgrade:

No offense to the artist involved but that looks horrid. The previous
was professional, subdued, and yet effectively branded as Debian.

The second screen shot doesn't look horrid. It's worse than the
previous choice but far from horrid. Anyway, i'm working to address
this and other issues in 4.0.1 that hopefully will be the the
desktop-base released with Etch.

Sorry if I seem harsh, but I really really think this is a bad choice.
Please, please tell me it is an honest mistake.

It wasn't a mistake, it was a (sort of) fallback that unfortunately
entered testing. Actually, we've a grave bug to fix (kde related) and
i hope i'll be able to revert back to the previous image too.

Andre, are you around? I need your feedback on this (#407930) and
#404502 too. Thanks in advance.

Considering that Fathi is on VAC, if someone steps in and confirm that
the desktop-base in our svn solves #407799 too, i'll be able to upload
desktop-base 4.0.1 faster.

I want to and that's possible address the three bugs cited above or at
least all them except for #404502, that isn't release critical and can
be fixed into 4.0.2, considering that even if we push the fix into
4.0.1, Ryan Murray will need to merge debian-moreblue 0.5.1 (or 0.6)
into gdm, do a new upload and ask the release team a freeze exception.

-- stratus

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