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Re: Etch is frozen, let us check our status for release (Re: Debian Ksplash theme)

> > Unfortunately fathi started 4.0.1 with some changes related to that.
> > What's wrong fathi? Is it a post Etch thing?

Yes, a typo error in Makefile for kdm 2nd theme (moodin engine) installation. 
But the good news is that we install the 1st theme as default.

> There is something wrong on some occasions at least.

1600x1200 resolution.

> http://mirror.pusling.com/kdm/ shows a screenshot of something that I
> would like to not see in etch.

I was not able to reproduce so far on 4 machines. My way to install Debian 
must differ from yours. On pusling's screenshot, font are rendered 
differently from me. working on it (at least try to reproduce), and trying to 
install pusling's fonts.



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