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Re: Etch is frozen, let us check our status for release (Re: Debian Ksplash theme)

Status based on desktop-base 4.0.0 source package


Wallpaper: done for Etch (desktop-base)
Splash screen: done for Etch (desktop-base)
GDM: pending. I haven't pushed the moreblue 0.5 into desktop-base svn
repo yet, because the latest gdm contains files with the same name and
the maintainer (Ryan Murray) is considering a new upload, updating the
cited files with moreblue 0.5. lool, thoughts?


Wallpaper: AFAIK, done (desktop-base)
Splash screen: AFAIK, done (desktop-base)
KDM: AFAIK, done (desktop-base). Unfortunately fathi started 4.0.1
with some changes related to that. What's wrong fathi? Is it a post
Etch thing?

Wallpaper: AFAIK, done (desktop-base) but pending push into testing, right?
Splash screen: AFAIK, done (desktop-base) but pending push into testing, right?

Based on your answer we will need to ask for desktop-base 4.0.0 push
into Etch or upload 4.0.1 and ask.

As you can see there's some work to do before we release Etch in terms
of Debian Desktop Artwork. The Debian Desktop tasksel part is done,
tasksel 2.58 was hinted in by aba. It contains the latest batch of
updates (eg: xfce task, network-manager and more). I hope you (and
your friends) enjoy, but let us put some effort to finish the artwork
side too!

-- stratus

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