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Re: Etch is frozen, let us check our status for release (Re: Debian Ksplash theme)

On lun, 2006-12-11 at 14:48 -0200, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> > Xfce 4.4rc2 won't be completely in Etch, as some packages have not
> yet
> > been uploaded, but libxfce4util and xfce4-session (which are the two
> > packages needed for correct support of desktop-base) are uploaded.
> What we've exactly then? (xfce core is ... and contains x and y from
> foo version), just to answer users that are gonna ask me anyway.

Ok, for Xfce Core we have all packages at rc2 ( in Etch except:
orage ( (rc1) Etch, (rc2) unstable, missing 5 days)
thunar (0.4.0rc1-2 Etch, 0.5.0rc2-1 unstable, missing 5 days)
xfce4-session (rc1 Etch, rc2 unstable, missing 10 days)
xfce4-terminal ( Etch, unstable, missing 5 days)
xfdesktop4 (rc1 Etch, rc2 not uploaded to unstable)
xfprint4 (rc1 Etch, rc2 not uploaded to unstable)

xfce4 and xfce4-goodies rc2 metapackages have not been uploaded

xfce4-dev-tool rc2 has not been uploaded to unstable (packages useful
for building Xfce svn, not really useful for users)

There are goodies too which could have been in Etch but won't but, I
guess it's not *that* bad. Except that xfce4-datetime-plugin is RC
because of FTBFS (it's only in unstable and can't migrate to testing,
but we have a new version which would fix this. Not in Etch, I guess).

> > libxfce4util has reached testing, and xfce4-session should have
> reached
> > in 5 days. I don't know how to handle this now.
> I could do that, but i'm gonna tell you. Send a message to
> debian-release mailing list with the subject 'please hint
> xfce4-session into testing'. Tell them that xfce4-session is too new,
> but that we need them in due to the Debian Desktop artwork stuff and
> xfce stability (right?).

Ok, thanks. I'll do that.

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