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Re: Hardware for Debian people

On 12/5/06, Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> wrote:

I have a number of machines to give away to Debian related people.
This is "old" hardware donated from Lufthansa, ranging from an older
486DX2/66 to new Dual Xeon 3GHz machines. All machines that nobody wants
here will get scrapped, so I haven't done a selection, maybe someone
wants to build a small router or stuff with one of the really small ones.

I would be glad to run one of the P4 or P3 to debian-desktop
development purposes. Unfortunately, i'm in Brazil and a friend of
mine (OpenBSD developer) had troubles when tried to receive some
donated hardware (they simple don't get it here and the taxes are

I could host it in the same place as i run some NGO servers, but it
seems to be almost impossible due to our nazi gov't taxes. Does anyone
in Europe (and involved with debian-desktop effort) would like to give
it a go?

You know with that in place (using xen) we can do a lot of tests, use
to make documentation (including screenshots) and prepare our
binoculars release.

-- stratus

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