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A co-worker installing his Desktop, ping for status and upcoming guide.

Hi list,

I've put a co-worker (technical support) to install Debian (as his
Desktop). Everything went fine, but i think now i should did it some
time ago. The GNOME desktop is ok for him (he is used to Ubuntu) and
the app selection too, but since he has Ubuntu installed it could
automount the Ubuntu partitions for him. Any thoughts for Lenny? How
ubuntu handles it actually?

Of course the gdm issue is still pending. Andre, where are you?

Fathi, what about kde? I was seeking you yesterday @ oftc.

Corsac, any progress on xfce? The RMs agreed to push that into Etch?

Do we have volunteers to prepare a Debian Desktop install guide with
me (containing screenshots) of GNOME, KDE and XFCE ? That's easier use
qemu or vmware. I think i can give it a try during my work vac in ppc
too. x86 and amd64 owners are welcome.

-- stratus

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