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Let's have some fun: desktop-base in debian-desktop svn repo.

Hi list,

lool just moved desktop-base - of course with its previous history -
from pkg-gnome's repository to debian-desktop[0] one.

Don't forget that our focus is ship andre's based artwork on etch
regardless if it will be in desktop-base or not, but for lenny it
should be our goal. With that in mind, i recommend you do a 'safe'
upload containing that artwork the same way you're used to do in the
desktop environment you're maintaining and right after that help us on
desktop-base. This two-step approach won't let us be locked by the
upcoming general freeze.

[0] = http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/debian-desktop/

-- stratus
ps: lool rocks, send him donuts. ;)

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