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Debian Desktop (Status for Etch).


When i started the related wiki article[0], i thought it would be much
harder to reach some of that goals. I think that the only critical
point that can miss the boat is the artwork as we planned. We've time,
so let push it forward!

I'm really glad that Etch will have:
- Three desktop environments for users to choose with easy installation;
- Printing support by default in the gnome task;
- Multimedia support by default for the browsers in the gnome task;
- Good network management with network-manager in the gnome task;

Let us test it with the Etch d-i RC1[1] and (hopefully) upcoming RC2.

Please forward this message to our 'own' mailing lists if needed and
call for testers.

I would like to thank some people for motivation and help and
apologies for the ones i'll miss:

* Thanks for everybody in the mailing list that helped with tests and
* The people that participated in the desktop artwork meeting;
* pkg-gnome, pkg-kde, pkg-xfce and d-i teams;
* Loic Minier and his copies - this guy can't be only one;
* Guilherme Pastore - I'm glad he's my friend and helpd me w/ tons of
stuff. I wish him the best;
* Raphael Hertzog - He's everywhere and is helpful when needed. alioth ftw!
* Otavio Salvador - In one word? Motivation.
* Joey Hess - He allowed me 'takeover' some tasks in tasksel while
helping me, understanding the desktop needs. My d-i/tasksel mentor.
* RITS (the non-profit organization i'm working on) and my co-workers
- They do their work and sometimes my own work, when i'm unable to put
my shit together.

[0] = http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktop/EtchGNOME
[1] = http://www.us.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/

-- stratus

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