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#397716 - please provide a debian-icon on the default desktop install, not an ubuntu one


I filled this as #397716 and have received no reply yet, thats why I bring it 
up here. Besides the issue brought up in the report it also brings up another 
interesting question: is there a way to detect if a buildd is building for 
debian or ubuntu? I can make up a rules file for manual building which 
chooses the right logo based on an environment variable, but I have no idea 
how one could do this for autobuilding...

package: update-manager
version: 0.42.2ubuntu22
severity: important
tags: patch


last weekend I did a etch default debian install, in which gnome is the 
default desktop environment. update-manager is installed as a part of it, and 
accessable over the Desktop/Administration/update-manager menu. The icon for 
the menu shows a cd with an ubuntu-logo, which I think is very bad marketing 
for debian.

So I propose to change it (in debian :) to the attached file.

The file is located in the source-package at 


P.S.: in case of licence||copyright questions: that file is made by me and 
based on the original software-properties.png and the debian-logo from 

P.P.S.: _I_ do think this is somewhat release critical :-D

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