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Re: desktop-base status (Was: gdm theme changes!)

2006/11/8, Loïc Minier <lool+debian@via.ecp.fr>:
On Wed, Nov 08, 2006, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> lool, is it time for a desktop-base upload with the splash and
> wallpaper? I'm asking, since i'm sure that Etch will freeze before we
> push the 'one source package for all' idea. Let us be sure that the
> default looks ok, at least then. Thoughts?

Well, I didn't touch it since my last status report to you, the current
missing bits are:
- no GDM theme in desktop-base

I tested here gdm theme proposed and I didn't obtain to reproduce the error[1].
Somebody could send some screenshot ?



- no KDE integration; possible solutions:
   * I heard about a solution from Fathi Boudra who suggested looking at
     debian-edu-artwork; I consider that what this package does is not
     good enough (frankly quick and dirty), and I prefer not including
     such a solution; for example, would I do the same in desktop-base,
     it would conflict with debian-edu-artwork
   * I heard a hint from Kevin Krammer who suggested putting a .sh
     script in /usr/env to let startkde source it, it could change
     KDEDIRS which is a list of directories to search for various
     things, in particular configs; I thought about this, but I'm not
     sure it can be cleanly implemented, in particular it should work
     with locally modified environments, or other scripts setting
     KDEDIRS; what I could imagine could work would be if [ -z $KDEDIRS
     ]; then KDEDIRS=/usr:/etc; fi;
     for this to work, I'll need to verify that nothing else defines the
     config items I want to set in the default install higher in the
     KDEDIRS chain, and also look for the proper default KDEDIRS to set;
     I installed KDE to check this, but didn't check until now
   * I think we can always patch kdelibs as I suggested on
     debian-qt-kde@ldo (this triggered the reply from Kevin), it would
     certainly be easier, but it is kludgy for sure
   * it would be nice if the KDE folks had one hooks in the KDEDIRS
     chain for stuff that package maintainer want to set as mandatory or
     as a default, with some priority between packages, much like gconf
     now offers for gconf defaults (only defaults are supported in
- no XFCE integration: I recall discussing this shortly with
   Yves-Alexis Perez who first suggested using the /etc XFCE config
   file, but then said this might not be a good idea (I agree it's not a
   good idea); I don't have any solution at this time.  Same remark as
   for KDE, it would be nice if there was some system to hook overrides
   (defaults or mandatory settings).

The KDE config stuff itself is ready (be it for KDE solution 2 or 3),
but not committed (it's from the desktop-profiles patch in the
desktop-base BTS).

The GNOME stuff is ready (apart of the GDM remark).

Fathi reminded me that desktop-base is RO for him as this point; we
should setup some common repo.

Loïc Minier < lool@dooz.org>

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