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Debian Desktop and multimedia in your browser.

Hi list,

Well, something we have in place in the gnome-desktop task but i would
like to share with you what's shining in our experimental repository.

- Add experimental repository in your /etc/apt/sources.list;
- Run as root:
 aptitude update
 aptitude install -t experimental install totem-xine totem-mozilla

If you've installed desktop and gnome-desktop tasks running 'aptitude
install desktop gnome-desktop' previously it will be just a matter of
packages upgrading.

Open Firefox or Epiphany, enjoy the stuff at the URLs below and
impress your friends that aren't using Debian Desktop yet:

Thanks to lool and others in pkg-gnome (except myself, because i'm
lazy) for the packaging; xine is responsible for understand the
formats where gstreamer still lacks, and GNOME project for totem. :-)

-- stratus

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