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Re: Debian Etch Color Scheme

On 9/19/06, Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:
Am 2006-09-17 00:42:25, schrieb Gustavo Franco:
> We're all for 'blueish' desktop environments and we wil be working on
> common guidelines for at least pkg-gnome, pkg-kde and pkg-xfce for
> some artwork elements. It was discussed in the first debian desktop
> artwork meeting. Full log at our wiki article[0].

Are there any efforts for a pkg-fvwm?

No, fvwm is maintained by Manoj Srivastava

I have never used the theme engine FvwmTheme because I am using my
own which add support for "Titlebars", and "Sidebars" (menus).

Ok. Btw, once we've artwork template images and common guidelines it
will be easy for non-GNOME|KDE|XFCE window managers adopt our work and
use it on their own packages. I don't know if it will be in time for

-- stratus

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