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Re: Debian Etch Color Scheme

On 9/16/06, Michael F. Lamb <mike@datagrok.org> wrote:

Has there been any work done toward the idea of an "official" color
scheme for Debian?

We're all for 'blueish' desktop environments and we wil be working on
common guidelines for at least pkg-gnome, pkg-kde and pkg-xfce for
some artwork elements. It was discussed in the first debian desktop
artwork meeting. Full log at our wiki article[0].

The closest thing I can find to official is the Debian "red" color I
pulled out of the "official logo" on the Debian.org website.

Yes, actually there's the swirl in red and the desktop blue-based.

I'm interested in making Debian look very Debian-y, even in the absence
of icons and backgrounds.

Are you good with artwork? Tell us more about that, please.

[0] = http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktopArtwork

-- stratus

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