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Re: Etch Artwork

On 9/19/06, André Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira <andrelrf@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm working in an artwork to send for you to consider for Debian Etch.
Which the colors I can use?

Hi André,

Great stuff, i think you're in the right way, 'blueish' stuff is
welcome for the three major desktop environments (GNOME, KDE and

Some ideas to you:


I doubt that we will be able to use splashy or usplash in our 'default
desktop environment' for Etch, but the image looks good. The icon
hints from Loic Minier are valid.

Could you work on 'template' images for wallpapers and login screens
(are you good with gdm and/or kdm theme too) ? With template i meant
that we will need the original xcf file to add elements (eg: GNOME,
XFCE or KDE logos). Do you see?

If you can't understand me in english, ask me in portuguese at oftc
irc network (i'm stratus there)

thanks in advance,
-- stratus

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