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Re: Xmms-Skin for Debian 4.0 Etch

I mailed the list exactly because beep-media-player's skin is the best.

After some decision about the artwork directions are pointed, than
beep-media-player's skin should be updated (if it will have to be).

for now, i think it is very good.

Dom, 2006-09-17 às 21:58 +0200, Daniel Baumann escreveu:
> I consider xmms-skin-debian-4.0-etch as completely useless. The xmms 
> package in sid and etch do already have the ported debianish skin
> from 
> beep-media-player, which is much more beautiful than the 
> xmms-skin-debian-4.0-etch.
> Any opinions if I should put this ported skin as default for xmms in
> etch?
Best Regards,
Luis Matos

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