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Re: Debian Etch Color Scheme

We're all for 'blueish' desktop environments

By 'blueish' are you referring to the "debblue" artwork? Or any
interpretation of "blueish"? :-)

I'm interested in making Debian look very Debian-y, even in the absence of icons and backgrounds.
Are you good with artwork? Tell us more about that, please.

I did some logos, websites and such years ago.

I'm no illustrator but I know my way around a color wheel and a text
file. As such, I aim to contribute "themes," where only color--not
pixmap--makes a difference. Perhaps I'd (write a script to) compose some
Debian graphics (for different resolutions), perhaps I'd
programmatically hack some different color gradients into the
already-excellent SVG vector icons like SphereCrystal. Maybe add
Debianish color configurations to some of the existing GTK theme
engines. Maybe a vim/Xterm color theme that feature "Debian red" and
analogous colors. That sort of thing.

I've no real experience with digital drawing or painting, though. :-/

(Oops, I earlier replied to you, stratus, not the list. Here's a re-send. Apologies for the duplicate.)

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