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Re: Usability Suggestions

On 9/4/06, David Barker <kzar@kzar.co.uk> wrote:
Hi, I was told to put suggestions to the email address if I had any so
here you are:

Hi David,

What and how you've installed? (eg. 'default desktop environment'
using d-i beta 3).

    * I noticed when you watch a movie in Totem the screen saver still
      kicks in every now and then while its playing. (Can't figure out
      how to stop this without loosing the screen saver in other
      circumstances actually)

Could you tell us the totem version? Anyway, there are newer totem
releases in our unstable and experimental 'branches'. I'm considering
you tested with totem in 'testing', 1.4.1-2 now.

    * Totem is the default player for movies and music (I think its a
      good choice I like it) but its called "Movie Player". I think
      "Media Player" would be clearer.

Totem doesn't want to be a Media Player. Rhythmbox is the 'music
player' and Totem the 'movie player'. Probably we've a desktop bug
here. :-)

    * I think that Firefox and Thunderbird should be the defaults
      instead of Epiphany and Evolution. (No point making new users
      learn extra programs on top of everything else)

FYI, Firefox came in when you install 'desktop' task, Epiphany and
Evolution came in 'gnome-desktop' task. Since i've no idea what you've
installed, i can't talk too much here.

    * I think that gtkpod should be installed by default and set as the
      program that starts when you plug your Ipod in because Rhythmbox
      doesn't even allow you to upload music and gtkpod is a lot more
      intuitive. (I think that Rythmbox should be removed as well
      because between Totem and gtkpod its totally unneeded)

I guess that the 'upload music' to iPod problem is related with that
the "apple ipods" (hfs+ formatted devices). hfs+ volumes are mounted
read only, you need to remount manually forcing rw as an option. I
dunno but there's a possibility gtkpod ignored g-v-m and forced that.
This is evil.

    * I think you should get rid of the CD player program as its not
      really needed because the Sound Juicer is very easy to use and
      lets you rip music too.

Which CD player? gnome-cd in gnome-media ?

    * Possibly include some office programs (Openoffice.org maybe)
      because although I don't really need them at the moment I think a
      lot of people would expect them to be installed by default.

OO is included in 'desktop' task.

    * The "Preferred Applications" thing in the preferences menu only
      lets you choose the default browser, mail client and terminal
      emulator. I expected it to let you select things like default CD
      player, default Ipod program etc (In fact I still haven't figured
      out to set those myself yet)

Good point, please keep talking about it and came up with a list of
things that you think should be there. I'll figure out what needs to
be done internally and report back what can be added and what won't
(and the reasons).

Not meaning to sound critical by the way I think you have done a great job.

Thanks for the review, but please clarify to us what i asked in my
first paragraph.

-- stratus

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