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Re: Usability Suggestions

On Monday 04 September 2006 16:09, David Barker wrote:
> Hi, I was told to put suggestions to the email address if I had any so
> here you are:

Somewhat gnome centric - just one comment from the other side of the fence.

>     * I think that Firefox and Thunderbird should be the defaults
>       instead of Epiphany and Evolution. (No point making new users
>       learn extra programs on top of everything else)

in KDE, I'd strongly vote for kmail/kontact and konqueror to stay the 
default, because they're properly integrated with the desktop environment.

One could debate about having Thunderbird as email programs have their 
little quirks and take some time for getting used to, but a web browser is 
a web browser - many people won't even notice.

-- vbi

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