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Re: improvements on desktop task

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 07:33:13AM -0300, André Felipe Machado wrote:
> The blog author, and the comments, points to SANE and CUPS.
> There also complaints about some codecs, java, flash, 3D video drivers
> and wireless.
> All of them can be installed in "debian way" by editing sources.list and
> selecting packages.
> Some could have newer versions that can be built the debian way.
> I suggest a "section" on install process, asking if the user CHOOSE to
> install these restricted / unstable packages, warning about the
> consequences, etc, 

By "editing  sources.list" you mean: "installing things from non-Debian

No thanks, this should not be part of the official Debian release
however big the pain IMHO, if somebody wants to make a custom Debian
Debian Distribution which does this, fine.

> http://www.debian-multimedia.org is venerable. And have codecs, java,
> flash, acrobat reader and more.  It should not be the default, but
> should be offered as an option.  

While debian-multimedia.org might be a good source of packages for
users, I am not sure it addresses copyright concerns fully and see above
for non-Debian repositories.

> Also, sources.list does not have contrib and non-free sections enabled
> by default today. 

This was a concious choice. Contrib and non-free are not part of Debian.


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