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Re: There should be a default icon theme for gnome/KDE/whatever that is appealing

Hello Luis,

On Tuesday 23 May 2006 13:26, Luis Matos wrote:
> Subject: desktop-base: There should be a default icon theme for
> gnome/KDE/whatever that is appealing
> Package: desktop-base
> Version: 0.3.16

When writing a bug report that should also be cc:-ed to a list, please use 
the X-Debbugs-Cc: email header instead of a regular cc.  That way, the 
Debian bug tracking system sends the mail to the list, and the list mail 
already shows the bug number, so I don't have to look it up first.

> Severity: important

Severity: wishlist would be more appropriate.  (At least you changed it to 

> There should be a default theme ...

I think it would take an ongoing discussion that would last at least 3 or 4 
full Debian release cycles until many parties (kernel/bootsplash, KDE, 
Gnome, XFCE, GNUStep, OO.org and Mozilla, too, perhaps) would agree to 
anything like a Debian specific default theme...

Sarcasm aside, I would very much welcome the idea, but since a *default* 
theme is virtually impossible in Debian, I'd suggest a meta-package that 
would install a nice theme for as many components as possible.  Especially 
important: a coherent look between KDE and Gnome - many KDE users use gimp 
and/or evo, and quite a few gnome users use k3b...

Time being limited and theming not a huge concern for me, I have to limit 
myself to throwing ideas around - yes, I know, nothing ever gets done that 
way.  Sorry about that.

(Btw: tackling such a theming package would probably involve quite a bit 
policy work - a proper policy on how packages can safely interact with  
other package's conffiles/configuration would be very much welcome in other 
areas, too: currently database configuration is somewhat there, apache has 
a sensible framework afaict, but each has their own way of doing such 

-- vbi

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