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Re: DebianDesktopHowTo update

cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) escribió:

On Monday 24 October 2005 21:36, Pedro M (Morphix User) wrote:
I would prefer an Ncurses screen in Debian where I could select:

That would be tasksel

Install desktop environment ?? yes /no

which does this already

What desktop to install ? Gnome / KDE / other (specify).

Now possible (since tasksel 2.30), though it will install both if they are both available by default. Specifically (from the 2.30 changelog):

 * Split out kde and gnome stuff from desktop into kde-desktop and
 * Both depend on the main desktop task (so both will be installed if
   available when the desktop task is selected), and both are hidden since
   a user should not need to choose between them.
 * This allows CDs to leave off either KDE or Gnome (or both!) and still
   get a working desktop task.
 * It also allows derivitives to more easily choose to include only one of
   the environments (via preseeding or by unhiding the tasks).

If no Gnome / KDE or other wide used desktop, Debian would look for
packages using apt-get or similar command (ie. fluxbox ).
yep, if desktop task is not installed this is what happens currently

The user could select important properties, like  display-properties
using this Ncurses sytem.
would belong to xserver-org package, which already does this if I recall correctly?

desktop-profiles concerns itself with a completely different problem: the (conditional) activation and stacking of profiles (i.e configuration and/or data sets) for the different desktop environments in a standard way.

This allows things like
- decopple the debian configuration setup for the various DE's from the
 actual DE packages. This will allow Debian as a whole to explore
alternative approaches to the default desktop setup in parallel (even on the same machine). - allows CDD's/admin's to add their own configuration changes on top of the Debian one's, to better adapt the default debian desktop for specific
 purposes, and allow those to be combined.
 (e.g. Debian-edu has a kde profile that set's up the desktop for
       use in a debian-edu network, which might be stacked on top of a
       debian-junior profile (currently unexisting) that sets up the DE for
kids that can't read yet in a kindergarten class) - allows different configurations for different users (e.g. students vs.
 teachers for debian-edu)
I have added this information about tasksel in the Debian Wiki (you can add more if you want ).



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