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Re: Deskop performance


I've been compiling a kernel for my dekstops (work and home) for a few years. I started my .config file from a Debian stock kernel and started removing options that I know i didn't want in my x86 boxes. Eventually, I started adding stuff that only desktop should have and compiling-in (instead of as modules) the stuff that I know should always be in the kernel (like drivers for the keyboard/mouse, etc..).

Attached is a copy of my .config. I created a kernel (2.6.13-desktop-1) from this.

IMHO, the best thing to have in a desktop these days (aside from security-related modules) is inotify and preempt.

On 9/21/05, Paras pradhan <pradhanparas@gmail.com> wrote:

I am building a custom debian kernel for use in Desktop Systems. I
have patched my kernel 2.6.13 using ck patch available at
http://members.optusnet.com.au/ckolivas/kernel/ and it is working fine
i guess. does any one has url or docs which help me to create the
approprite/optimized .config file which may be good for using the
kernel in Desktops?


Luis M
System Administrator

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No .doc: http://www.fsf.org/philosophy/no-word-attachments.es.html

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