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Re: menu corrections

On Tuesday 26 April 2005 23:15, Bill Allombert wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 11:31:20PM +0200, David Schmitt wrote:
> > Hi Bill!
> >
> > Alfie prodded me into looking into improving the menu structure.
> >
> > I put a new Apps/Net (a modified copy of what I have installed on my
> > laptop) on http://club.black.co.at/david/menu/
> Hello David,
> Assuming you are working on menu hints


> I don't think 'Other' is suitable as a hint, since hints needs to be
> globally unique, they are not keyed to a section.

Understood. After sleeping it over, I think that the others could need a bit 
rewording. What about:

Web, Mail, News, File Transfer, Access, Wireless, Messanging

> > Now the question is how to go forward. As I understand it, the
> > modifications should be added to the appropriate packages.
> Yes, they belong to the menu file in the packages. However before
> sending bug reports, please coordinate with Yann Dirso (CCed) who is the
> main person taking care of hints.

Hi Yann, I will try to work through all hints section by section and come up 
with a list like the one above as well as tag the entries as appropriate. Do 
you have anything in this direction, I could work on?

Updating all packages with menu-files is not possible pre-sarge. updating only 
a few will probably kill the optimized menus completly. Would you think it 
possible to create an overlay which is used by menu instead of the files 
in /usr/lib/menu/? Since all menus carry dependency information, this could 
be a seperate package containing all modified menu-files.

Regards, David
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 -- Matthias Leeb, Uni f. angewandte Kunst, 2005-02-15

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